• Phil Becker

#7 Packing the suitcase

Tonight we finally start our 2 month acting-trip to L.A. . At this time I sit in the gym and do my last workout in germany, because the next time I‘ll train at ,,L.A. Fitness“ in Los Angeles haha. Can’t wait!

Today I will pack the last things into my suitcase (started packing at weekend) and check off some To Do‘s so that I can leave home relaxed.

Then I will go into the city, need a new power bank, presentation map for headshots, some cosmetics ( hygiene towels!!!! Open toilets!!!! ) and a security bag for my shower gel and hair oil. Nobody like it if the whole suitcase is oily and wet!

Okay…let’s chill the last night with friends and we see us later in L.A. 😉

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