• Phil Becker

#6 The Etruscan Smile

,,The Etruscan Smile“ directed by Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis, was an intensive and emotional movie.

It’s sooo close to life and after a few minutes you don’t feel like you sit in the seat of a cinema – no. You feel like you’re inside the movie and live together with these characters.

This drama it’s funny, sad and serious. It makes you thinking about your life: Yourself as a person, the family and most of all the little things. The little things which are making your life full and better and how often you don’t see them – or forget them.

I don’t want to explain the content of this movie. It’s great as well, but today I just wanted to explain my impressions on.

In this Movie I saw me, my dad, my grandpa and myself a bit. Strange family-relations with unspoken feelings and thoughts.

I cried 2 times and that was okay, because it heals wounds like this in your heart.

And it improves your acting skills a bit 🙂

Do you think people should cry in cinema if they can’t hold it back? And why/why not?

Write in the comments! 🙂

PS: Wrote this with half eye open….corrections are incoming 🙂