• Phil Becker

#5 Video-shoot last weekend

Hey together,

last weekend we had a nice music video-shoot. It was very good and we had a lot of fun!

We started at Saturday morning 09:00 am with checking the location and building the prop (camp, fire, pick up, some other stuff ). Then we started filming and it was pretty cool – blessedly the weather was our friend. ☀️

At the blue sea we had problems with that location because there was too many people ( sun, sea, weekend… haha), but the crowd was cool and they changed their place so that we can continuing our shoot. Thanks at this point to the great people.

We shoot until 11:00 pm and then we went to our hotel where we took a shower and fell asleep to load our battery for the next day.

Sunday morning

After breakfast and some chilltime we go back to the set, watched the footage and after that we decided that we don’t need any more stuff. So we filmed the whole video in one day. 🙂

Now we’re in post-production and excited for the result!

5 days out to L.A. …