• Phil Becker

#12 Burgers in L.A. – No meat? No problem!

Aktualisiert: Aug 18

You like burgers as much as I do and do not want a dead animal between your buns? Then I have here 3 burgers for you, you should absolutely try (not just as a vegetarian), if you are in LA and surroundings! Important: This depends on vegetarian nutrition, not vegan. I think with just adjustments there are vegan options, too.

(not ranked, that would take too much time)

1. The Mushroom Burger at Bubbagump/IG @officialbubbagump

This burger should be your meal when you’re in Santa Monica and your friends do not want to miss shrimps. Bubba Gump stands out in my opinion not only with excellent food out but also with a great service which not only the great employees are meant, but also the cool ordering system. (It may be that this already exists more often, but I come from Germany, there is usually everything as it is haha)

You have two signs: One should Forrest run and another should Forrest stop and serve you. I was just impressed. No stupid arm-waving more and no unnecessary wait because it works great!

Now the burger: The burger is served with fries, a dill pickle and includes the mushroom patty, cheese, vegetables and a delicious sauce. The patty is as the name already said mainly from mushrooms and beans. Unfortunately, like the other two burgers, I can not give any exact ingredients or information, so I do not even assume it. 🙂

2. The Counter Burger – or in my own words ,, The Hulk” /IG @thecounterburger

The Counter Burger let your stomach explode if you want. This store serves you with a burger kit – at least a building block form. As soon as you have been led to your table by a nice waitress you will get an ordinary menu and the just mentioned building block form (see picture B…btw: I’m on IG, too @philbeckr ).

There you can choose everything – from the patty to the special ingredient! What I meant by “hulk” is the fact that you can choose between three burger sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

I like to eat a lot and of course I decided to go for Large and damn – this thing is large! Maybe not in its scope, but I’ve never had to fight like that with a burger and that means something, if you understand what I mean.

3. The Buffalo Wings Veggie Option /IG @bwwings

As with the name of the restaurant not immediately to be expected there are also vegetarian options (no vegan) at Buffalo Wild Wings.

There is a veggie patty which consists of mushrooms and black beans and I can say again: It just tastes great!

Which is pretty cool: every burger in the menu can be served with this patty. It should be noted that other options may include natural bacon or other animal products.

I can assure you that with all three burgers your tastes come! Enjoy it! 🙂