• Phil Becker

#11 The Las Vegas story

Last weekend we were in Las Vegas and it’s really a crazy city. Something is always happening and there is always something to look at.

We started on Friday evening, had a cool stop at Link Hops where we ate something and then drove on.

At about 5 am we finally arrived in Vegas and searched for hotels. For most of the check in was only at noon, so we had to look for something. We stopped at the Paris Hotel, which looked very good and matched the cost. However, this also had the check in so late that we finally booked at the Westin Hotel. There we could go directly to our room and sleep.

The room was a bit cramped for 3 people, but it was enough for sleeping and showering. After a few hours sleep, there was first a coffee from the in-house Starbucks and then it went on the Strip. Vegas is something completely different by day, if you’ve seen it at night before. Otherwise it’s probably just like that. Literally a difference of day and night.

My friend and classmate Azael knows all about Vegas, that’s why he first showed me the area and it’s really awesome. Especially the Caesars Palace Hotel is just amazing!

It’s almost like a small underground city that totally forgets that this is a hotel. The shops are totally interesting and also very expensive. But that’s just Vegas, as money is not allowed to play haha.

In between, we drove to the outlets, where I actually wanted to buy shoes. Instead, I came back with a jacket, a t-shirt and a stupid pineapple shirt. No shoes.

When it was finally evening the Vegas fun could really start! We changed and we started!

On the way to a restaurant we were approached by a pretty girl who tried as a promoter. She was the most dreadful promoter I ever met – really.

That was probably why her over motivated colleague came to us: His name was Steve.

Steve is one of those people who would sell their own handbag to an old woman. He has an enormous charisma and knows exactly what he has to say to convince someone. He also said he was a promoter and would help us make the right decision. Very much blah blah blah and compliments. I was very skeptical and did not feel good. In the end, I put aside my skepticism and thought maybe he’s just an ambitious salesman. Finally, and after consultation with my friends, we bought 2 VIP wristbands for a hip club in Vegas for $ 150. A third we got for free.

What kept pounding my head on the way to the club was the question, “How can his employers understand that he has sold us these wristbands so he gets his commission?

There was no code or something like that.

Whatever .” I thought and finally arrived at the club my reservations had been confirmed: The wristbands were fake. So we ran back immediately and tried to grab the idiot but without success. When we accepted the situation we went to eat something and had a funny evening.

The security forces told us, “Never buy anything on the street when you’re in Vegas.” And I took this tip to heart haha. So people, learn from our experience. 🙂

Next day we drove to Arizona! But that is another post!

Good night!