• Phil Becker

#10 First week

Sorry that I have not heard from me for so long, so much action and trips and too lazy for writing, but I’ll make up for it.

The first days were typical days to settle in and explore the area. Where do I have to go? Where is the school? Where can I shop? And most importantly, where is the gym?!

We first looked at the metro connections and then after the long journey first decided to drive directly to the Expo Line to Santa Monica, because I simply love this place and wanted to see it again. There were of course many crazy people, great weather, good food and a lot of things to photograph! As already mentioned in one of my last entries: Anyone who has the opportunity to go to Santa Monica (and also Venice) … Do it! You will love it.

I can truly say that we live in a good location here, even though it was a bit scary at first to be located in South Central. It is on the edge and 2 blocks from the USC. We are fast in the metro in Hollywood, Downtown LA and Santa Monica.

So … I hope you’re happy to hear from me and the next article will not take you long to wait like this one, haha