• Phil Becker

1# Hey there!

First at all: English is not my native language. This blog is not only here to share my thoughts and feelings – it’s also a good training for enhancing my english level.

So please, be cool with that 🙂

Okay. My name is Phil and at this time I’m 23 years old. I like movies, the difference in human being and captivating stories. So that’s the reason why I want to become an actor.

I love to learn new things and challenge myself – that’s a second part of content you can expect on this blog. I want to try new things and tell you about my experience.

Also, I like to go outside and travel around. The world is too big to stay on one place. There are so many landscapes, cultures, foods and other beautiful things, I can’t wait to explore the whole world.

So we got 3 things on this blog:

* acting

* personality stuff

* travel-stories

I’m not good with beginnings, so I jump straight into the first topic….for that: Feel free to read the next article 🙂

Best wishes,